About Us

Quality Christmas Cakes & Preserves For All Events

At Paradise Cakes and Preserves we produce only the highest quality Christmas cakes and preserves, using the very freshest, and wherever possible locally sourced ingredients. All our products will be perfect for your event, home party, or as a thoughtful, unique gift.

All our cakes come gift wrapped in a custom made wooden box, and our preserves are available in a three piece display cardboard box, or individually.

Individual company branding is available for corporate orders. For more information contact me directly by phoning our office on 027 243 7955, by using our contact form.

All of Paradise Cakes and Preserves products are handmade in the small kitchen in my own home. This allows only small batch products, each individually created by hand using only the best dried ingredients available, free range eggs and fruit from my own and local orchards. This allows me to provide the highest quality possible.

Every winter the wonderful aromas of fruit and brandy fill my house, as my Christmas Cakes are baked and aged in time for Christmas. I am so happy to be able to share this with all my customers.

My cakes have such a reputation that I now have standing orders from many locals, some of whom ship cakes overseas each year to friends and family who eagerly look forward to their arrival. Local sales have increased each year as our reputation has spread.

Our online sales have been a great success with satisfied customers taking the time to email me after Christmas to tell me how much they loved their cake. We have had great feedback from the companies that have used Paradise Christmas Cakes as staff and corporate gifts. Many of our corporate customers have been repeating orders for a number of years purely based on demand from happy clients.

It seems the only problem with my cake is not eating it all before Christmas.